Frequently Asked Questions

Using ScratchJr

  • Can I use ScratchJr on a personal computer or a smartphone?

    No. The ScratchJr app only works on touchscreen tablets. Please refer to the device parameters for downloading ScratchJr below.

    • The Android version of ScratchJr requires an Android tablet, 7-inch or larger, that is running Android 5.0 or later.
    • The iPad version of ScratchJr requires an iPad 2 or later (includes all iPad Minis), that is running iOS 8.0 or later.
    • Many Chromebooks with a touchscreen can install the Android version of ScratchJr from the Google Play Store, but this has not yet been optimized for Chromebooks.
  • Can I use ScratchJr on Chromebooks?

    The ScratchJr Android app can be installed on many Chromebooks. Google maintains a list of Chromebooks with this capability. Currently, the app only works with Chromebooks that have a touch screen, but we are looking into supporting both touchscreen and mouse events in the app in a future update.

    If your Chromebook does not meet these requirements, you may be able to install a past version of ScratchJr that was previously released on the Chrome Web Store. Please be aware that this version of ScratchJr is no longer actively supported, and may be missing features that are in the current Android version.

  • Can I use ScratchJr on Amazon tablets?


  • How do I export/send ScratchJr projects?

    The only two ways for you to export ScratchJr projects are via AirDrop (MacOS or iOS only) or via email.

  • Do I need internet when using ScratchJr?

    You do not need internet wihile using ScratchJr, but you will need internet to download ScratchJr for the first time on your device, as well as to export ScratchJr projects.

Using This Site

  • Can I submit a resource that I did not create myself to this website?

    Please see our Disclaimer page for legal information about submitting content to this website.

  • How do I submit a ScratchJr project as a resource on this site?

    A ScratchJr project is created within the ScratchJr app, and can be sent as a file (with the extension type ".sjr") to your computer via e-mail or, if you have an Apple device, via AirDrop. You can then include this project file when submitting a resource, either as a single .sjr file or included in a .zip file. Instructions for creating a .zip file are provided below.

  • My resource submission consists of multiple files (e.g. a PDF of the curriculum, and separate files for lesson handouts and printable cards), but there is only one upload field. How do I fit my separate files into a single resource?

    You can submit multiple files for a single resource by compressing them into a single .zip file and then uploading the .zip file on the Step 2 of the Submit form. All computers have the capacity to “zip”/”compress” multiple files into a single .zip file, and you can find tutorials for making .zip files on your operating system here.

  • What is a .zip file? How do I open the .zip file that I downloaded from a resource?

    A .zip file is a convenient file type that can contain multiple files and folders, compressed down to reduce storage size with no loss of file quality once de-compressed. All computers have the capacity to retrieve ("unzip") files from a single .zip file, and you can find tutorials for unzipping them on your operating system here.

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